Boy walks mum down the aisle before dying

By | November 15, 2018

A boy dying of cancer has been granted his final wish of walking his mum down the aisle just days before passing away.

Keith Burkett, 12, of Ohio has been fighting cancer for six years and has spent the past few weeks in hospice care at home.

One of his final requests was to walk with his mum on her wedding day.

So on Wednesday, a few days ahead of the planned wedding ceremony, Keith’s mum Taylore Woodard and her husband Adam wed inside their home with Keith in a wheelchair beside them.

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Taylore told Fox 8 her son had requested the special honour.

“He said, ‘Well mumma, I would like to walk you down the aisle before I die,’ and then I was like you know, we’re making it happen,” she said.

Taylore shared photos and a video of the “most bittersweet heartbreaking emotional day” of her life to Facebook.

“My baby boy got to walk me down the aisle and we got to honour his final wish,” she wrote.

“Keith is still hanging on in true Keith fashion he is going to pass on his terms but I can sleep at night knowing that I gave our baby boy his wish.”

But sadly just days later Taylore shared another devastating post revealing Keith had passed away.

“I don’t know how mummy is going to live without you. A piece of me will forever be gone,” she wrote.

Keith was diagnosed with sarcoma in March 2012. Despite treating the cancer aggressively for years, it spread throughout his little body earlier this year.

Since the family found out Keith had little time left with them they tried to create the happiest memories for him in his final weeks.

In October family and friends helped Keith celebrate Christmas early because doctors said he only had a couple of months left.

Another post by Keith’s mum encouraged people to enjoy every moment they have.

“I hope Keith showed each and every single one of you that life is short and you should NEVER take that for granted,” she wrote.

“I hope Keith showed each and (every one) of you that love always conquers evil. I hope Keith showed each and (every one) of you that despite any obstacle you may face that you should NEVER GIVE UP!!”

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