Two US cancer patients treated with controversial CRISPR technology

Human gene editing comes to America: Two US cancer patients treated with controversial CRISPR technology CRISPR gene-editing has been hailed as a breakthrough that could eradicate diseases  Several US trials of the technology in humans are underway  The University of Pennsylvania told NPR they have edited the genes of their first two adult human patients… Read More »

Medical News Today: Scientists ‘print’ 3D heart using patient’s tissue

Although 3D printing has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few years, using it to print functioning human organs is still a far-flung dream. Recently, however, scientists have brought this dream one step closer. A 3D-printed heart engineered from the patient’s own tissues and cells.Image credit: Advanced Science 2019 The Authors Cardiovascular disease… Read More »

Barriers to patients accessing their health data are falling

While the Office of the National Coordinator for HIT continues to remind providers of patients’ rights to electronically view, download and transmit their health information via application programming interfaces, many hospitals are already complying. Since 2014, eligible hospitals have been required to provide patients with the capability to get their information, and in 2017 nearly… Read More »