POPS! one System for Easy Blood Glucose Testing Cleared by FDA

By | December 8, 2018

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POPS! Diabetes Care, a company based outside of Minneapolis, won FDA clearance for its unusual, but certainly innovative, POPS! one blood glucose monitoring system.

The system consists of a device that can (optionally) stick to the back of your smartphone. It is used to take readings, which are immediately shared with and displayed on the phone. A coaching app is provided that can be used to analyze the readings and help get blood sugar levels under control.

The physical device has built-in needles that are used to creata pricks on the thumbs, and a nearby sensor absorbs a drop of blood for processing. The overall process takes about thirty seconds from start to seeing results, quite impressive over using conventional glucometers and separate lancets.

“We are thrilled to have successfully worked with the @US_FDA to clear this novel solution for people with diabetes. POPS! is delivering a simple experience to help people take action to achieve their goals,” the company tweeted out upon announcing the news.

Here’s a video that shows off how fast it is to use the new POPS! one System:

[embedded content]

Product page: POPS! one System…

Via: POPS!

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