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Living Near a Major Highway Tied to Developmental Delays in Children

Living near a major highway may be associated with developmental delays in children. Researchers studied 5,825 children living in New York state outside of New York City. Parents periodically filled out a well-validated questionnaire that tracks developmental milestones in children from age 8 months to 3 years. Milestones encompassed physical, verbal and social domains. The… Read More »

Singing may improve hearing abilities of children with cochlear implants, study indicates

Singing is fun for any child, but for children with cochlear implants, it may help refine their hearing, particularly in noisy environments, according to a new study. Singing can strengthen the connectionsbetween hearing and speech. The study, published in the journal Music Perception, analyzed “speech-in-noise” skills in children with cochlear implants. Over about a year, the… Read More »