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Chinese scientists give monkeys human brain genes in ‘morally risky’ experiment

Their brains may not be bigger than normal, but monkeys created with human brain genes are exhibiting cognitive changes that suggest they might be smarter — and the experiments have ethicists shuddering. In the wake of the genetically modified human babies scandal, Chinese scientists are drawing fresh condemnation from philosophers and ethicists, this time over… Read More »

Chinese Woman Cannot Hear Men's Voices; Know All About Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss, the Rare Condition She Is Suffering From!

Woman diagnosed with Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss (Photo Credits: Pixabay) In a rare hearing-loss condition, a woman in China has lost the ability to hear men’s voices. The woman whose name is Chen woke up on a morning and could not hear her boyfriend. She was rushed to Qianpu Hospital but that did not help her.… Read More »