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Study shows surprising trends for a serious lung condition

By Noah Vaca Pulmonary embolism is a potentially life-threatening condition, in which blood clots migrate to arteries in the lungs, with the risk for increased pressure on the right side of the heart, impaired breathing, and even death. Yale researchers recently studied trends in hospitalization and mortality rates for people with pulmonary embolism, and their… Read More »

High blood pressure: Three ways the condition can affect your eyes – are you at risk?

High blood pressure is often dubbed the “silent killer” because the condition rarely shows symptoms until it is serious. One in four people in the UK live with the condition without realising it. If left untreated it can damage vital functions in the body, including the eyes. There are three main ways the condition can… Read More »

Chinese Woman Cannot Hear Men's Voices; Know All About Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss, the Rare Condition She Is Suffering From!

Woman diagnosed with Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss (Photo Credits: Pixabay) In a rare hearing-loss condition, a woman in China has lost the ability to hear men’s voices. The woman whose name is Chen woke up on a morning and could not hear her boyfriend. She was rushed to Qianpu Hospital but that did not help her.… Read More »