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Medical News Today: Hundreds of current medical practices may be ineffective

“Medical reversal” is a term that defines instances in which new and improved clinical trials show that current medical practices are ineffective or misguided. New research reveals that there are currently almost 400 medical reversals. A new meta-analysis finds that almost 400 medical practices may not be effective. Medical reversals occur when new clinical research… Read More »

Medical News Today: Lack of motivation: Does inflammation alter brain systems?

Researchers from Emory University examine new evidence about how low-grade inflammation could impact a person’s level of motivation. This may also have implications for the treatment of some cases of depression. Researchers are taking a closer look at evidence directly connecting inflammation with a lack of motivation. The idea that depression or symptoms of depression… Read More »

New Zealand’s Health Ministry encourages GPs to give patients access to medical notes

In New Zealand, fourteen percent of GP practices with a patient portal are offering patients online access to their medical notes. Latest figures from the Ministry of Health show that 610 practices out of 970 across the country offer a patient portal. Of those, 86 practices offer Open Notes, up from just 50 in the… Read More »