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Demi Lovato Gets Baptised in Israel’s Jordan River: ‘I’ve Never Felt More Renewed in My Life’

Demi Lovato baptised in Jordan River (Photo Credits: Instagram) Demi Lovato’s trip to Israel turned quite memorable. On October 3, the singer posted a series of images on her Instagram, letting her followers know she got baptised in the Jordan River of Israel. The event meant a lot to her as she shared the experience… Read More »

Why women SHOULD fake orgasms: It might make them more likely to have a real one, study claims

Why women SHOULD fake orgasms: Females who pretend to climax in hope of turning themselves on ‘are more likely to have a real one’ Some researchers believe there is credit to the idea of ‘fake it ’til you make it’  A survey found a link between faking orgasms and real orgasm consistency The are ‘obvious’… Read More »

More Red State Medicaid Ballot Campaigns Emerge For 2020

A yard sign promoting Initiative 427, the Medicaid Expansion Initiative, is seen in Omaha, Neb. Oct. 17, 2018 Nebraska was one of three Republican-led states to approve Medicaid expansion via ballot initiative, providing momentum to other states like ASSOCIATED PRESS Campaigns to expand Medicaid via the ballot box are gaining momentum in two more Republican-leaning… Read More »