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Save the trees, prevent the sneeze

When I worked at Greenpeace for five years before I attended medical school, a popular slogan was, “think globally, act locally.” As I write this blog about climate change and hay fever, I wonder if wiping off my computer that I’ve just sneezed all over due to my seasonal allergies counts as abiding by this… Read More »

Interventions to Prevent Psychosis

Tiffany Martinez was a 17-year-old college freshman when she began hearing voices, seeing shadowy figures and experiencing troubling, intrusive thoughts. Her friends at the University of Southern Maine, where she was majoring in psychology, noticed that she was acting strangely and urged her to get help. They most likely saved her from a crippling mental… Read More »

Medical News Today: Computer use later in life may prevent cognitive decline

Researchers found that using a computer, playing games, and participating in social activities may reduce the risk of mild cognitive impairment. New research suggests that playing games, using a computer, and having a rich social life can keep mild cognitive impairment at bay. Our brains go through changes as we get older, and some people… Read More »